Project 1 Grading Rubric

Score: _ _ _ _ _ out of 50 possible points


Additional Comments:

Score: _ _ _ _ _ out of 30 possible points

$\square$ Describes/understands the main ideas of the articles

$\square$ Includes main theorem of the author

$\square$ Gives adequate introduction for the uninitiated reader

$\square$ Speaks to the work involved in proving the main result

$\square$ Adequately describes a connection between real analysis and the article (e.g. limits, continuity, etc.)

$\square$ Gives reader a feel for the broader context of the result

$\square$ Provides appropriate further references

Writing and Presentation

Score: _ _ _ _ _ out of 20 possible points

$\square$ First person is not used

$\square$ Grammar/spelling/punctuation are correct

$\square$ No excessively long paragraphs or sentences

$\square$ Writing "flows" well

$\square$ Written at an appropriate level (audience)

$\square$ Professional appearance

$\square$ Terms are defined as necessary

$\square$ Theorems are stated with adequate qualifiers

$\square$ Equations are typeset properly

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