Expectations for Written Work & Grading

This document explains expectations for homework and other written work.


  • It is an expectation that you complete all assigned reading in the course.
  • You don't need to understand absolutely everything, but you must be prepared to ask questions about it.
  • Quizzes may be given on the reading.


  • I expect you to write out the problem to be solved for each homework problem.
  • Proofs on homework should be written out in detail. (I will let you know if you're writing too much!) See the guidelines on how to write proofs.
  • You may work in groups, but each person should write up their solution separately.
  • Homework will be collected once a week, on the Monday or Tuesday following a weekend. The schedule may be altered before an exam.
  • Include a cover sheet as with USMA policy. Handwritten acknowledgment of those who worked with you is okay.
  • I may ask you to resubmit homework assignments.
  • Grades will be based on both completeness and clarity of proof.


  • Each student is required to add a minimum of two entries to each glossary.
  • Entries should be in your own words and not copy/pasted from elsewhere, or typed verbatim from the text.
  • Students may work together to divide terms and theorems into "Very Important" and "Somewhat Important" categories.


  • Glossaries will be available for use on the in-class portion of exams. No other resources will be permitted.
  • There is no need to rewrite the problem, as is expected on the homework.
  • Proofs should follow a logical style, as on the homework.
  • Grades will be based on both completeness and clarity of proof.


The course projects will be written for a broader audience, and be graded more closely than the homeworks. In addition, you will receive feedback from other students in the course regarding your projects. Work will be presented on the course website, as well as in class. More details will be given at a future date.

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