Information on WPR 3

Structure of the Exam

The exam will cover material from Chapter 3 (section 1 up through page 149 and section 3 except for integration). The points allotted for the WPR will be split between a glossary submission, a written homework graded for both correctness and style/clarity of proofs, and an in-class "exam" portion.

The exam will consist entirely of a (choose 4 out of 5) short answer section. You will be given the entire hour to complete the exam, although you should expect to finish in much less time.


The only authorized resource for the in-class portion of the exam will be the Glossary created by the class. I will print this out and provide copies to the class. Any definitions/theorems required from the Chapters 1-2 glossary will also be provided.

Preparing for the Exam

To prepare for the exam, add/edit the Glossary. Make sure that you can do all problems on the sample exam. Review proof-writing techniques.


This assessment is worth 10% of your final grade. The point breakdown will be:

  • Glossary: 5 points
  • Homework 11: 35 points
  • Short Answer Problems: 60 points
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