Information on WPR 2

Structure of the Exam

The exam will cover material from Chapter 2 (most of sections 1-3, and parts of sections 4-5). The points allotted for the WPR will be split between glossary submissions, a written homework graded for both correctness and style/clarity of proofs, and an in-class "exam" portion.

For the out-of-class portion, your style of proof will factor highly into your grade. For the in-class portion, your first priority should be to complete the exam. I won't be grading as closely for style of proof.


The only authorized resource for the in-class portion of the exam will be the Glossary created by the class. I will print this out and provide copies to the class. Any definitions/theorems required from the Chapter 1 glossary will also be provided.

Preparing for the Exam

To prepare for the exam, add/edit the Glossary. Make sure that you can do all problems on the sample exam and the in-class worksheets. Review proof-writing techniques.


This assessment is worth 15% of your final grade. The point breakdown will be:

  • Glossary: 5 points (with up to five extra bonus points allotted for providing more than 3 contributions)
  • Homework 9: 50 points
  • Short Answer Problems: 64 points
  • Proof Problems: 32 points
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