Information on WPR 1

Structure of the Exam

The exam will cover sections 1, 2, 3, and 6 in Chapter 1. There will be a few (3-5) short answer questions testing your understanding of definitions, and two slightly longer "proof" questions. One will involve applying the concept of a cut, and the other will involve the least upper bound property. Proofs will be graded for both correctness/completeness and style/clarity. In particular, I am looking for "long sentence" style proofs and correct logical order.

A solution to problem 38, and submissions to the glossary, will also be factored into your exam grade.


The only authorized resource for the exam will be the Glossary created by the class. I will print this out and provide copies to the class.

Preparing for the Exam

To prepare for the exam, add/edit the Glossary. Make sure that you can do all problems on the sample exam. Review proof-writing techniques.


This exam is worth 10% of your final grade. Part of your exam grade will go to your submissions to the glossary, and part will go to submission of a solution to problem 38. In full, the exam will be scored out of 100 and each section will be worth:

  • Short answer: 25-35 points
  • Proofs: 40-50 points
  • Problem 38: 20 points
  • Glossary: 5 points

Up to five bonus points may be given for additions to the glossary above and beyond the required amount (2).

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